Cost of living index in Netherlands

Milk (1Liter / 0.26Gallon) 1.05 (USD)
Eggs (30 pack) 6.79 (USD)
White bread (100g loaf) 0.27 (USD)
Rice (1kg / 2.2lbs) 2.04 (USD)
Cheese (1kg / 2.2lbs) 11.51 (USD)
Boneless chicken breast (1kg / 2.2lbs) 9.52 (USD)
Beef steak (1kg / 2.2lbs) 16.29 (USD)
Banana (1kg / 2.2lbs) 2.14 (USD)
Oranges (1kg / 2.2lbs) 1.79 (USD)
Apples (1kg / 2.2lbs) 2.45 (USD)
Onions (1kg / 2.2lbs) 1.46 (USD)
Potato (1kg / 2.2lbs) 1.57 (USD)
Tomato (1kg / 2.2lbs) 2.67 (USD)
Lettuce (1 leaf) 1.18 (USD)
Bottle of Water (1.5L / 50oz) 0.84 (USD)
Bottle of Red Wine 6.54 (USD)
Local beer (33cl / 11oz) 0.78 (USD)
Imported beer (33cl / 11oz) 1.92 (USD)
Pack of cigarettes (20 units) 7.41 (USD)
Fast food meal (MCD Big mac) 9 (USD)
Meal in cheap restaurant 17.21 (USD)
Meal in high end restaurant 69.53 (USD)
Bottle of Water (33cl / 11oz) 2.27 (USD)
Cup of coffee 3.35 (USD)
Limonade (Coca cola) 2.69 (USD)
Local beer (33cl / 11oz) 3.37 (USD)
Imported beer (33cl / 11oz) 4.46 (USD)
Sport shoes (Nike / Adidas) 102.86 (USD)
Mens Dress shoes 135.64 (USD)
High quality jeans 95.1 (USD)
womens summer dress 38.83 (USD)
Taxi minimum charge 4.34 (USD)
Taxi fare (1km / 0.6mile) 2.67 (USD)
Taxi 1 hour waiting 33.88 (USD)
Bus or metro ticket (One way) 3.39 (USD)
One month pass 96.79 (USD)
Gas price (1Liter / 0.26Gallon) 1.82 (USD)
Mid range compact car (Honda Civic) 28577.3 (USD)
Mid range family car (Toyota corolla) 27367.1 (USD)
Gym monthly membership cost 32.74 (USD)
1 hour tennis court rental 23.34 (USD)
Cinema ticket price 13.91 (USD)
1 bedroom flat in city center 1163.97 (USD)
3 bedrooms flat in city center 1931.87 (USD)
1 bedroom flat outside city center 968.43 (USD)
3 bedrooms flat outside city center 1403.98 (USD)
Square meter price in city center 4474.79 (USD)
Square meter price outside city center 3556.85 (USD)
Monthly (Natural Gas, Electricity, Water, AC) for family 190.99 (USD)
50 mbps unlimited internet (ADSL or Fiber optic) 45.72 (USD)
Local calls mobile tariff for 1 mn 0.16 (USD)
Kindergarten or preschool monthly fees 1638.94 (USD)
Average primary, secondary and high school yearly fees 8474.97 (USD)
Average monthly net salary 2594.04 (USD)
Average yearly interest rates on home loans 2.23 %

Grocery budget for one person per month in Netherlands

On average a signle person can spend arround 158 (USD) a month which is considered quite affordable comparing to other places in the world. This will cover all your supermarket needs such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products and drinking water.
Note that cigarettes, beers and wine are excluded from this expenses report.

Grocery budget for two people per month in Netherlands

265 (USD) will be enough for grocery shopping for a couple or two people splitting supermarket expenses.
this budget is considered quite cheap if we compare it to the average worldwide, this budget will cover their monthly needs on dairy products, fruits and veggies and all other supermarket expenses excluding cigarettes, wine and beer.

Grocery budget for family of 4 per month in Netherlands

Grocery expenses for family of 4 people can be on average 421 (USD) per month in Netherlands, if we compare it to other big cities in the world this amount is considered on the cheap side.
This report is taking in consideration all monthly needs for the family from supermarket including bakery and dairy products.

Average living cost in Netherlands for one person per month

An average single consumer can make it through one month in Netherlands for arround 1551 (USD), which puts it among the most expensive cities in the world, yes quality of life and high standards of living comes at price.
This will cover all you basic needs, supermarket shopping will cost on average 158 (USD) while renting a one bedroom appartement a bit far from city center will cost around 968 (USD), transportation, home utilities and gym membership can cost on average 382 (USD).

Average living cost in Netherlands for a couple per month

Monthly cost of living for a couple in Netherlands can average 2468 (USD), which is considered quite expensive but comparing to salaries couple can have decent life if they own a stable job.
Rent will take the big part it can cost arround 1453 (USD) for a single bedroom flat close to city center, grocery shopping can cost on average 265 (USD) while home utilities, gym, one month transportation and mobile for two people membership can be arround 521 (USD).

Average living cost in Netherlands for family of 4 per month

For a decent living standard a family of 4 people can make through a month in Netherlands for about 4509 (USD), which is expensive if we put it in comparison against other cities in the world.
Three bedroom appartement not far from city center can cost 1966 (USD), if we do the calculation, private school for two childs will average monthly about 1017 (USD), while supermarket expenses will cost for the family not less than 421 (USD), home expenses such as wifi, water, electricity and mobile membership will cost about 265 (USD).

Cost of living by city in Netherlands