Crime rates and safety index in Congo

General level of crime 74.25
Home and property robbery 71.87
Worries being assaulted or mugged in the street 74.28
Car and motor vehicle theft rates 66.91
Vandalism and public property destruction 72.02
Personal items stolen from car 78.07
Verbal abuse down the street 65.96
Street attack rates 70.45
Racist insults and racial bullying 49.96
Drug dealing and street gangs 48.49
Armed robbery against people and property 71.98
Administrative bribery and corruption rates 87.62
Crime rates increase during last 5 years 69.74
Worries when walking safety at night 85.31
Worries when walking during daytime 63.35
Crime index in Congo 72.86

Verdict about crime rates and safety in Congo

Congo is considered one of most dangerous places to live in or to travel into, you should really be careful once there .

Crime rates by city in Congo