pollution and purity index rate in Germany

1- Pollution rate in Germany

Air pollution index 27
Drinking water pollution 17.62
Ground water pollution 21.76
Waste and garbage pollution 23.64
Waste and garbage pollution 23.64
Street cleanliness complaint 33.35
Lack of Green space 18.69
Overall pollution in the city Germany 20.05
Pollution index in Germany 28.11

2- Purity rate in Germany

Air purity and quality index (AQI) 73
Drinking water quality index 82.38
Ground water quality index 78.24
Solid waste disposal satisfaction 76.36
Street cleanliness satisfaction 66.65
Green space availability 81.31
Overall purity in the city Germany 79.95
Purity index in Germany 71.89

pollution rates by city in Germany